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Wir unterstützen Sie, Ihre Innovation am Markt erfolgreich zu machen

Innovendo supports you in developing your business

You develop and market sophisticated technical components, products or solutions for B2B markets. You deal with challenges including

  • moving from project business into scalable product business
  • launching a newly developed product
  • sales figures for one of your products are not as expected
  • entering or developing new markets for your offer

This is where Innovendo comes in to support you in

Maximising your business opportunities

Market Success

You are in the process of developing a new product - or your new "baby" is already out in the market and you have received early feedback. You might be in the position to further refine your offering or address various other market segments.

One of the key questions to maximise success in business is the selection of the right target segments along with an appropriate scope of offer.

Which product-market combinations are most promising? Where do we find an optimum solution in terms of low entry barriers and high market potentials?

Innovendo's offer

Innovendo has developed a customisable process based on a product-market matrix that helps to structure and collect relevant market knowledge from key players in the company. Within a short time frame market potentials in target segments can be assessed - provided there is enough information available at our customer.

In case additional knowledge is needed to seriously assess the potentials and barriers in selected market segments Innovendo will provide in-depth market analysis to reach a comprehensible decision. The analysis is built on extensive desk research as well as on qualitative research based on structured interviews with experts in target markets.

This way a reliable knowledge base is developed that allows for well-founded market decisions.

Planning your market success

Strategy Planning

You are planning to launch a new product - or you want to reposition or introduce an existing product to new markets.

You have identified viable market segments and are well aware of their needs, requirements and expectations with respect to the scope of your offer. Your knowledge about competition in the target markets can be incorporated into a marketing strategy.

Innovendo's offer

We support you in creating a compelling value proposition for your offering based on the needs of your customers and the benefits of your product. From there a unique positioning can be developed, providing the customer with a convincing reason to buy your (new) product.

This needs to go hand in hand with the definition and evaluation of new business model options - along with pricing and financing models as well as distribution and service strategies. On these foundations communication concepts need to be built. Last but not least, an implementation plan needs to be developed, including well specified tasks, responsibilities, budgets and timelines in order to structure the marketing efforts and monitor the results.

Practical experience shows that not always sufficient knowledge regarding competitors is not always available at our customers, in order to develop a valid positioning. In these cases Innovendo will offer an external assessment of the competitors, thus providing an objective and profound basis for decisions on positioning.

Ensuring rapid implementation

Rapid implementation

You know your target segments and have drafted a powerful marketing plan. Now it's time to act in order to realise your vision.

It is often the case that new and additional tasks need to be accomplished, when new market opportunities are being tackled. You may require additional resources or skills - but do not want to loose time by finding or hiring appropriate staff - at least for the time being.

Innovendo's offer

Innovendo can support you operationally to realise your new potential in the market. We will find your first customers or new partners who are willing and able to work with you. In close co-operation with you, we will create search profiles for the desired customers or partners which we will use to match with our research results for the best fits.

We have access to international company databases, work with partners and experts in the target regions and cooperate with Advantage Austria, a worldwide service of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

After several refinement steps in our research process that incorporates your feedback, we will personally get in touch with promising prospects, check their interest in a partnership with you and clarify any open questions. As a result, we will be able to provide a number of top-ranked candidates who match the desired profile and show interest in working with you.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

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